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I work within a flexible network structure from Switzerland, France and Germany with specialists of all areas. Among my clients are local companies and organisations as well as international enterprises. Thereby I address small projects as well as complete communication accounts with the same commitment to excellence.

My areas of expertise: complex products and services.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Hard to believe, sketches by hand.

But of course. The hand is closer at „hand“ than the hard drive. The combination of both enables me to optimise the result from the beginning and to develop the perfect solution faster – which saves money.

This draft was ready in 8 minutes. Time saved for ‘necessary’ further enquiries, wrong ‘cheese models’ and unnecessary accessories: about 8 hours. The photographer’s quote arrived one day after approval. The costs were well within budget.

scribble camembert before after

Client: CNIEL,
cheese from France
Photo: Oliver Brachat
Jürgen Busch
Picture editing:
Photolitho, ZH

Example: characteristics for the detailed trade in Switzerland (German and French)
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